NASHVILLE, Sept. 22, 2016 – – Tennessee Voters for Animal Protection (TVAP), a non-partisan
political action committee (PAC), released its list of endorsed candidates in 29 state legislative races today.
“We are excited to announce our endorsements for the general election,” said Anjie Crow, TVAP’s
president. “We’ve never endorsed this many candidates in the general election before and are very pleased
that there are so many animal-friendly candidates this year. It’s proof that animal protection issues are
more important in Tennessee than ever and that there are many candidates who are willing to ensure
animals have a voice in Tennessee.”
District 14 – Gayle Jordan (D) District 20 – Steve Dickerson (R) District 22 – David Cutting (D)
District 2 – Bud Hulsey (R) District 13 – Gloria Johnson (D) District 20 – Bob Ramsey (R)
District 21 – Pamela Weston (D) District 32 – Tyler Overstreet (I) District 37 – Becky Goff (D) District 41 – John Mark Windle (D) District 44 – William Lamberth (R)
District 46 – Amelia Morrison Hipps (D) District 48 – Bryan Terry (R)
District 50 – Bo Mitchell (D) District 53 – Jason Powell (D) District 57 – Susan Lynn (R)
District 60 – Darren Jernigan (D) District 63 – Glen Casada (R) District 67 – Joe Pitts (D)
District 69 – Dustin Evans (D) District 74 – Andy Porch (D) District 76 – Angela Callis (D)
District 82 – Craig Fitzhugh (D) District 86 – Barbara Cooper (D) District 88 – Larry J. Miller (D)
District 89 – Roger Kane (R) District 91 – Raumesh Akbari (D) District 93 – G. A. Hardaway (D)
District 96 – Steve McManus (R)
TVAP’s political support for candidates is based solely on animal protection issues. Methods used to
determine endorsements may be questionnaires and/or combined results of TVAP Scorecards. Tennessee
Voters for Animal Protection is a PAC dedicated to electing animal-friendly candidates and unifying voters by
creating a powerful voting bloc, ensuring animals have a voice in Tennessee. For more information, please
visit http://www.tnanimalprotection.org.

Women for Tennessee’s Future

Angela Callis is running for State Representative in west Tennessee’s District 76, which includes Martin and parts of CarrollObion, and Weakley counties. Angela is a former staff member for Governor Ned McWherter, a Democratic State Executive Committee Member, and a small business owner. She supports WTF values of affordable health care, quality public education, and equal pay.

Here is Angela in her own words:

I am running because of the division I have seen in the legislature over the years. The lack of action on common sense issues pressed me to get out of my comfort zone to help my community. We need someone who will fight to get us the resources that working families in our district need to have a better future. When we invest in local teachers and schools we help our kids and we attract more good companies that bring quality jobs for our families. I believe it comes down to making sure we get our fair share – whether it’s our schools, roads, or investment in jobs.

Insure TN will insure 280,000 people in the state. It will create good paying jobs and save our rural hospitals. Women across the state lack quality, affordable healthcare and Insure TN will ease that burden. So many women in my district are teachers, and quality education is the foundation to a strong community. Education allows all to excel. What is good for women is good for Tennessee. It is good for the economy for women to make the same as men for the same amount of work. Not only that, but it’s the right thing to do.

The citizens of District 76 deserve an advocate who will fight to improve the lives of working families in Tennessee. Angela Callis will be that advocate.


Jeremy Durham expelled from House of Representatives

Martin, Tenn. (September 13, 2016) — Rep. Jeremy Durham was expelled Tuesday from the Tennessee House of Representatives during a special legislative session. Durham was accused of sexual misconduct toward at least 22 women and still under investigation by state and federal officials. The 70-2 vote to oust Durham comes nearly eight months after leading Republicans, including Gov. Bill Haslam, asked for Durham’s resignation. The House needed only 66 votes to remove him, but were expecting closer to 80. Four house members, Reps. Byrd, Eldrige, Holt and Parkinson, voted present. 12 members did not vote at all, which accounted for such a narrow vote. Rep. Andy Holt (R-Dresden) also expressed sympathy for Durham saying as a bright, young legislator he has already “lost so much”. Durham’s expulsion is the first in Tennessee since 1980.


Angela Callis: Insure Tennessee a “Top Priority”

Martin, Tenn (Sept.6,2016) — Angela Callis, candidate for State Representative in House District 76, spoke about one of her top priorities as a candidate.

She spoke to supporters recently – telling them that a quality and affordable health care is a right for everyone – not a privilege for the wealthy few.

The people of my community deserve quality and affordable health care through Insure Tennessee. It is dangerous and totally irresponsible that the my opponent, Andy Holt has stood as a roadblock to some 24,000 veterans in need of care”, she said.

Insure Tennessee would provide care for more than 280,000 Tennesseans – including 24,000 veterans in Tennessee. Callis said that when you look at the numbers, it just makes sense.

Callis continued, “The bottom line is, I stand with the veterans in this community and I want all 24,000 in Tennessee who need care to receive it.”

Insure Tennessee has been blocked by Republicans in the state for over a year now. It has been a topic of much interest in the state and polls show that most Tennesseans support the plan created by Republican Governor Bill Haslam.


Latest Campaign Filings Show Close Race in State House

Latest Campaign Filings Show Close Race in State House

Leading Candidates Raised Nearly Same Amount


The most recent campaign financial disclosures show that incumbent Andy Holt outraised his opponent, Democrat Angela Callis by less than $600.


“Clearly this is a close race and I’m excited to have so much support here in the district”, said Callis, “it’s a testament to my grassroots support and life lived here in Northwest Tennessee.” Candidates are required to file regular disclosures so that the public can see who is funding political campaigns.


Incumbent Rep. Holt’s disclosure showed nearly $6,000 raised, with over 80% coming from Nashville and out of state PACs.  Challenger Angela Callis raised nearly $5,500, primarily from individual donors. Independent candidate Benny Castleman raised only $200 and had less than $5,000 cash on hand.


Finance Report

Dresden, TN (July 13, 2013) — Angela Callis, candidate for State House District 76, announced today that she out raised incumbent Andy Holt during the second quarter fundraising period.


“We must put politics aside and start working for the people of the 76th District. Unlike my Republican opponent, who got his money from special interests and PACs, my contributions came from hardworking men and women across the district, Callis continued. “They believe in my campaign because they know that I will respect their voice in Nashville not the voices of big money and special interest.”


Angela has raised $16,051, Independent candidate Bennie Castleman raised $8,565, while Holt raised $6,200. Callis’ financial report included contributions from over 40 donors with an average contribution of $400. Callis is supported by many notable leaders like Democratic Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh and District Attorney General Tommy Thomas.


“Our state government is not working anymore. We need leaders who respect the people of the district and I am ready to be that leader. I am happy to have so much support from so many great leaders in our community,” Callis said.